Are you thinking about sorting out your affairs and appointing a Power of Attorney?

Now is the time to sort out your affairs and appoint a Power of Attorney

Owing to illness or injury you may become unable to make decisions for yourself. This includes decisions about your finances or your health.   You can appoint somebody else to make those decisions on your behalf.  This is done by making a Power of Attorney.   A Power of Attorney is an official legal document which allows people to nominate someone they know, for instance a member of their family, a close friend or a loved one, to act on their behalf. You may hope that you never have to use a Power of Attorney but should that time come then,  if you have one in place,  it can save your loved ones or your carer a lot of upset and stress.

We can help you make and register your Lasting Power of Attorney for health and medical or financial decisions – either one or both.   Our typical charges for preparing a Lasting Power of Attorney for either health or financial decisions are £275 plus £55 VAT plus LPA registration fee £82 –total £412 for each.    You will have chosen the person who knows what your wishes would be to carry them out when you are not able to do so and you will have made that decision when you have the mental capacity to do so.

If there comes a time in the future when you lose the mental capacity to make or communicate your own decisions and you have not made a valid Lasting Power of Attorney then it may become necessary for the Court of Protection to become involved.   If this happens you cannot chose your own Attorney and the process of appointing one can be lengthy and costly.   It is much better to put a Lasting Power of Attorney in place whilst you still can. A lot of our clients think about making Powers of attorney at the same time they sort out making a Will. By taking these two steps you will have done the best you can to make things easier for your loved ones at a really difficult time. Once you get started, you will see it’s not too difficult at all and we will help you through step by step. One thing is for sure-it really makes you think about who you can trust and what really matters.

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