Child Law Solicitors

Our Family Law Solicitors represent parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, in-laws, foster parents and other relatives in connection with a range cases involving children:

  • Where children should live
  • Who they should live with
  • Who should be responsible for looking after them

Living arrangements for children used to be referred to as “custody orders” and many people still use that term. The Courts have changed these orders to “Child Arrangements orders”. The new orders set out where the child will live and if needed who a child should have contact with and when.

It is only necessary for a court to decide this if the parents cannot agree but sometimes an order is needed to give some other adult parental responsibility, such as a relative who is actually caring for a child and would not otherwise have any legal status.

There is no law that states that children should live with their mother rather than their father. Also, if there is an arrangement already in place then the Court will be reluctant to change this unless it is in the child’s best interests. Generally speaking, both parents have important roles to play in their children’s upbringing.

Parents need to come up with an arrangement which will put the children first.

It is not easy when mums and dads are not communicating well. Also ‘shared care’ does not mean ‘equal care.’ In all these types of cases, including cases which involve Social Services, we can represent you and give you expert, specialist, family law advice.

Contact our Family Department if you need advice about a Child Arrangements Order, or about going to Court concerning a case involving a child- whether it be your child or a child in your family or with whom you may be connected in some way.

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