Wills and Probate Solicitors

If you need a simple Will, we can help you and advise you. The cost of drafting a straightforward Will to provide for your family or your friends, or make a special gift that you may wish to make in the event of your death, will cost £100 plus VAT. We can give you the right advice on how to plan for the future and help you make a Will that will last into the future, even if you win the lottery and your financial circumstances change considerably! It can also work if they change for the worst – so planning and making a Will which can cover many eventualities can be a very cost effective way of making the right plans for your family.

We can also deal with an application for Probate and help you distribute an estate according to the deceased’s wishes. Probate services are definitely an area where many people don’t know what is involved or how to go about it – it’s a very difficult and stressful time. We can guide you and help you apply for a Grant of Probate where you need one and we can help you through the process of distributing an estate, accounting for any tax for which the estate may be liable and helping you prepare an estate account, which you need to do if you are appointed as an Executor in a will.

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