Criminal Law Solicitors

Whether you are at risk of having points imposed on your driving licence for a speeding offence or facing a more complex or serious charge – we can deliver in depth expertise to represent you in Court. A Solicitor or Barrister will speak upon your behalf and ensure that your case is properly defended or mitigated.

With 30 years of experience behind us in Criminal Courts throughout England and Wales including cases in the House of Lords and the Court of Appeal, you can be certain that you will get the right advice. Our expertise in Criminal Law is well established.

We understand that if you are facing the possibility of a criminal prosecution, whether it is for an offence which might carry a small fine or something much more serious, then a strong defence and good advice at the right time are vital. We provide a 24 hour emergency telephone contact on 07860 272119. Advice at the police station is free.

If you are charged and at risk of losing your liberty we are one of the few specialist firms that can help you apply for Legal Aid.